My friend told me that using a hollowbody guitar with a tube amp, isn't a good idea due to feedback. Is that true?
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to a certain extent it is. this problem has a lot to do with why we have solid body guitars to begin with. you won't be able to go as loud with a hollowbody without having some noise and perhaps feedback issues.
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Doesn't have anything to do with the tubes, but tube amps are genrally noisier and hollow bodies are two, so thats a bad combination.
Hollows get a shitload of feedback from any loud amp (espically with gain), but it helps to stuff out the hole of the guitar or put tape over it.
Not that that is something a typical hollow user would do, but I do
+1 to greg.

Ted Nugent never seemed to have a problem with feedback while cranking 5150s.
B.B King used to stuff Lucille with a shirt or rags or something like that to avoid feedback.
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Noel Gallagher from Oasis used an Epiphone Casino through a tube for most of their tours. No feedback somehow. Logically, I would expect feedback.......but no...... unless there is something to prevent it.
well to be honest, hollowbodies do feed back more than semi hollows. but any guitar can feed back depending.

but there is nothing wrong with a hollowbody and tube amp imo.
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Yes he is right!!! You need to get a solidstate from the 30's or 40's. Does that make sense?

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Both Norma Jean and Dillinger seem to have no issues playing loud, heavy music with semi-hollows.

In fact, I want a SH HH Tele for my next guitar to go with my 6260.
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