Listen the sound of engine
A chugging sound woke me up in a dead sleep
Engine coughing up fumes

The captain made haste, fish eager to taste
The bait that has been cast out
The fishing line sailed out in the distance
Where the dense landscape laid blind
Fog an mist covered the afternoon skies
Felt unkind in these rough waters

Escape, 30 miles away from the mainland
To the north part of the lake superior
Anchored above the reef, lake trout lived beneath the interior

Waves were churning my insides
Felt dizzy, drizzly rain
Cold sweat pouring from my forehead
Looking for deliverance

Rocking boat, waves crashing steady, unstable reality
Felt a urge of sickness inside my stomach
Quietly made my way to the edge of the boat
Puked my brains out, setting myself off course

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I liked it, it reminded me a lot of Brand New because of the sea/fisherman vibe. I didn't really like the last stanza though, maybe it was just the "puked my brains out" part :p