My name's Kyrie Georgiou, i'm 18 years old

I'm a guitarist looking to form a band in reigns of Trivium,DevilDriver,Lamb Of God, and Killswitch Engage. with -

- The guitarists both alternating lead and rhythm roles.
- A drummer that can play double pedal.
- A bassist, that can play more than just the root note for the length of a bar.
- And a vocalist that can scream as well as having a clean singing voice.

All being male and aged 17+

I have my own equiptment and I currently live in Kingbury (small village just off tamworth), but near passing test, in the meanwhile I can alway call upon family members for lifts.

This will be my first band ive played in and dont have much 'band experiance' but always take and im really serious about my playing.

I am looking to write music and not just be another cover band

*ALL members must: be commitful to the band (no "another band" thing going BS) and be able to contribute to songs, be open minded to new ideas and be willing to help push the band forward*

If your intrested or know someone that might be interested just pop me a PM.

Edit/ I am currently working on a couple of tracks, have a couple of short examples up of my playing on SoundCloud, if you want me to link them to you to see if they're your "cuppa tea" just PM me.
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