Hey ive got a taylor 210e, have had it for about a year and never changed the strings :S. So its about time i did. Ive never changed the strings on an acoustic before. So Are there any things i need to know before i start?

- Is it alright to take all the strings off at once? ive looked it up on google and they say yes but ive always been told to change once string at a time.

Is this a good video to go by?

If you change your strings once a month like some players do then yes, it wouldn't hurt to replace your strings 1 at the time, just to be on the safe side (although taking 'em all off shouldn't affect your guitar if it's a well built instrument, unless you decide to leave it like that for extended periods of time)

However, if you haven't changed the strings for an entire year I'd recommend taking 'em all off tho and giving the fingerboard some well deserved maintenance

If any dirt has accumulated between the frets, scrape it off (not with a metal spike or something: softer objects like the side of your pick will do just fine). You might also wanna use some fretboard oil: many people seem to favor Dunlop lemon oil, but any fretboard oil will do (unless you have a maple fingerboard, but that's probably not the case since there are virtually no acoustic guitars with maple fingerboards)

Now what I'd recommend is replacing your strings using this method:


"Locking" your strings is a great method for keeping your guitar in tune, ESPECIALLY if you cut off any excess string > if you you don't that and wrap the entire string around the tuning peg instead your guitar will go out of tune a lot faster, because strings tend to stretch out over time (especially if you like to do some occasional bending), so the longer the string, the more it'll stretch out (meaning you'll have to re-tune your guitar more often)

Also, if restringing your guitar once a year works for you, then by all means do so, but if you decide to start playing more often I highly recommend you to restring the thing on a more regular basis. Whether it's every 2, 3 or 4 months is entirely up to you, but doing so will really add to the fun because the tone and playability of rusty, worn out strings will greatly decrease after you've put your guitar to good use, meaning you don't feel like picking it up after a while which is just a shame

Some strings have a really bright quality to them, but then they lose that tone pretty fast whereas others don't sound all that spectacular when you put 'em on your guitar, but then their tone is a lot more "consistent" and doesn't fade that quickly at all. The same goes for string life: some strings will start feeling rusty within a matter of days while others seem to last a lifetime. "Coated" strings often last longer but are usually a bit more expensive (and the coating-thing really only works for wound strings, not for the higher ones). Try some brands and see what works best for you. I use D'Addario's and tend to replace 'em every 2 months or so

Lastly, I recommend keeping a pack of strings at hand, just in case you break a string or something (because then you WILL have to leave your guitar like that for an extended period of time, at least until you've bought new strings). I usually don't wait for the first string to snap: when the strings are old and start going out of tune real fast I sometimes retune my guitar into different alternate tunings (some of which require raising the pitch of 1 or several strings: because the strings are old I don't feel bad if one of 'em breaks) and have some fun with that. Anyways, that's about all there is to it, I guess...

Oh, and good luck

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Ok cheers for the help man, I have ordered this http://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/products/jim_dunlop_system_65_guitar_maintenance_kit.asp

So i can give the guitar a gd clean and such.

I know im meant to change string more often haha, im just lazy. I change strings on my electric about once a month, Only reason i havent on my taylor is because i dont use it soo much and to be honest i dont thing the strings sound that bad, and they arent that rusted or corroded at all.. Must be the nanoweb stuff.
I looked for a topic like that :P
I had just the same question.. thanks guys :P