good but after that bit in the middle i think you should at least add a variation at the end too repetitive for me but the rest sounds pretty good
Pretty cool. The synths are pretty nice. I wasn't totally fond of the drums at some parts, like the double bass stuff sound like too much, and in general they sounded very...weak. The guitars were the best part probably, I liked them alot. The song as a whole though, didn't do a lot for me. It just never got exciting. It needs like, dynamics. You know, like start it off quiet and chill then get loud and exciting later. This way there's more contrast therefor keeping the listener interested IMO. It's got potential though.

If you'd like, I have some stuff you could check out, it's electronic but a bit weirder than this. My personal favorites are Homemade, Post Theme and Post 8. It's up to you.