Hey guys,

Here's my new bass:

It's a beautiful Washburn T24. Not well known here on UG, but trust me, it's a really good bass for its price. It came with a high quality gig bag, two allen keys (for truss rod and intonation adjustment), an instrument cable and a lifetime warranty. I love the neck: fast, smooth but with a Gibson feeling.

Tomorrow I will start to record something with my Focusrite Saffire 6. :-)
Happy NBD!! She looks a sexy beast, what's the tone like?
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Happy NBD!! She looks a sexy beast, what's the tone like?
Thanks. It's a good tone, something between a Jazz and a Precision. I will record some stuffs soon.
^the clear coat?

though there is something classy about a neck through.
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Love that finish. How much did it run you?
390€ included shipping.
I played a Washburn something at the local store once. I really liked it, looked magnificent and played very comfortable. But yeah, happy NBD!
Washburn makes good instruments. HNBD! Enjoy it!
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