Hey guys, I'm playing a show on friday and i was wondering if there is anyway i can plug my mesa dual rectifier head into the speaker of my old marshall solid state? The reason being i don't have anyway to get the cab to the show and its just a small bar anyway, but the valve sounds significantly better!

The solid state says the internal is 4 Ohms and that 4 Ohms is the minimal level and the valve has an output that also says 4 ohms, so i assume i plug the speaker in to that one?
Just checking so that i don't break anything

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Unless the amp has a Speaker In jack, you'll fry both of them.
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Yeah, just make sure the marshall has an amp-in jack, or something of that nature, which I doubt. If that's a jack for the marshall to output to an external cabinet, it'll be bad news. If you're feelin adventurous, you could wire a 1/4 inch jack directly to the speaker and just plug the mesa right into it. Matching impedance of course. But I doubt the Marshall has an "amp in" jack so that it can be used as just the speaker. But who knows.
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Assuming that the Marshall amp's speaker can handle the power of the Mesa and that you can connect the speaker directly this idea still fails because no matter how good you think the Mesa sounds, it's going to sound like crap through the bad speaker that Marshall used in the cost cutting that went into making a budget SS amp.
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Um.....dont mean to be a dick but.....why did you buy a Mesa Recto and not a cab with it?

it wasn't really worded very clear but it seems to me like he does have a cab for the mesa but it's too big to trasport to a gig

which really begs the question... why did you buy a halfstack if it was too big to transport?
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

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Unless it's just this ONE gig that he can't get his cab here, which is what it seems like he's saying
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