I really want to have a stereo setup on the cheap, consisting of a my New!!! GK mb200 and a 1x10 I'm making from a rage 158 and a neodymium (more on that later)

For my second amp, I want to use a pre amp/power amp style. For the pre amp I am thinking of making a valvecaster, and putting it into a cheap power amp. Is this possible? how do you put a preamp into a power amp? also whats a cheap one in the 200 watts area +/-?

Will this idea give me the crunchy over drive of bands like sleep, electric wizard and black sabbath?

Also the new amp is cool, have only used it with headphones, but it's great, and soo small, with the cab I'm making the whole rig weighs less than 10 pounds probably. I'll be using a stool, if I can with out it toppling from bass vibrations, might have to cut the legs shorter.

Lastly anyone with a two input amp ever put a mic in one slot, and mic up the speaker then play through the other input? whats that like?
wait you want to [plau a mic into your amp and then use it to mic your amp? that would make insta feedback

I know nothing else about what you asked.
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oh I kind of assumed it would, but I mean like say you had bassman head, had one input plugged into your bass or guitar, and the other input a say mic, then put the mic by the speaker like you would when you're mic'ing it to put it to the PA, would it be like a sustainter? or delay without deterioration
if you help a note it might keep that note going forever, but it would probably just do normal feedback. could be neat with a temporary on switch (like the opposite of a kill switch)
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