Hey guys. Quick question here for people who own or who have played on these guitars.

I have a Les Paul Custom. Very "strong" feel. Like you're holding a huge machine gun ready to rock everyone's faces off, but still maintaining the "classy" touch with the all black and gold esthetics.

I'm going to buy a Les Paul Special TV Yellow with P90's. I have never tried it (no guitar stores big enough where I live, but I love the P90 and the look of the guitar).

How is it different from a Les Paul Custom ?

All around appeal

Isn't the Special the one with a flat top? So that will be a big difference. Probably weighs less because of it.

Assuming I'm looking at the right guitar on Gibson's website, it says it has the "slim taper" neck profile, so it won't be the thinnest Gibson makes, but not the thick 50's style either.
For all intents and purposes you might as well think of a LP Special as being like a SG, only with slightly worse upper fret access and P-90s instead of humbuckers. Tone-wise a LP Special sounds the same as an SG with P-90s and they weigh about the same.
Gibson or Epiphone Special? They are very different.
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I have an LP Special (not the one with P90s though) and I'm a big fan. Plays really well, doesn't feel as bulky as other LPs. I actually bought it for that reason. Still has a thick Les Paul sound without the bulk. Not as heavy. The toggle switch is the only thing that pisses me off about it. The wiring/pieces used on the switch are flat out terrible. But that's a cheap and easy fix.
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You mean a les paul junior? Because you have to make sure that you really want p90s. They don't growl. They snarl.
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its not going to feel like your custom in any way basically.
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Does it have a bolt on neck? Because I can guarantee that that will just kill it for you. I don't know about that particular model though.
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It feels... airier. It's lighter but it feels like substantial as well. I dig them, I would have a whole lineup of 2 p-90 les paul specials if I could afford it.