Hey UG! I recently purchased a bass amp so that I could play both bass and guitar through it, and that means I have to sell my guitar amp because...well, because I'm a poor bastard. haha so, here's a quick spec rundown of the Classic 30 for you:

• 30 Watts
• Four EL84s and three 12AX7s
• 12 inch Blue Marvel® speaker
• 2-channel preamp
• Pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel
• Volume control on clean channel
• 3-band passive EQ (bass, middle, treble)
• Boost switch
• Reverb level control
• Effects loop
• Footswitch selectable channel switching and reverb
• External speaker capability
• Chrome-plated chassis

This was purchased new at $680CAD plus $30 for the footswitch - my asking price is $450CAD. I am willing to negotiate on that, but please be reasonable. This amp is in immaculate condition: no beer rings, no scratches, no dings, non-smoking household. It was played mostly in my room at home, having seen a few small gigs, nothing more...I've basically done you the favour of breaking in the speaker cone!

Here are a few photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tlysecki/sets/72157626655223291/

And here is the best sound sample I could find. The signal chain is as follows - guitar, patch cord, amp, into Macbook microphone. http://www.myspace.com/timlysecki/music/songs/Queen-s-Eyes-52300206 It's the solo part, which starts at about 3:00.

I think that's all I've got to say about that. If you have any questions, let me know, make an offer...as it's cash I'm after, I'm not really interested in trades...but I MIGHT be interested. I live in Southern Ontario (Canada), pick-up is preferred; I can ship it, but any shipping/insurance/duty costs are out of my hands. I won't gouge on them though.

All the best people, happy shopping!
Whereabouts in Southern Ontario do you live? Just a general area (GTA, Mississauga, Burlington e.c.t.). I've been looking for one of these, but most people are asking like $50 below list for an abused amp. Also, are you including the footswitch? $450 sounds good to me.
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Hamilton, I'm just down the road! The road is the 403, but still...hahah and yes I'm including the footswitch. I'd be more than happy to set this up, I'll shoot you a PM with my email.
Okay peeps, unless RockinSince1993 can get back to me, this amp is still up for grabs.
If you could get me a quote on shipping to toledo ohio i may be interested depending on how much
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