Well this is my first post on UG! Tried a search regarding Sigur Ros and didn't see anything but I may not be doing it right. Wasn't exactly sure where to make the thread as I don't really know what I'd classify them as myself, but who likes Sigur Ros? I'm obsessed with them, sometimes it may be unhealthy. Share your love for Sigur Ros!
Saw them in Iceland last summer - absolutely sick. Listening to them on CD/Vinyl just doesn't do them justice. Really quiet guys but have a huge passion for their music and fans. Great band
God I would love to see them in Iceland! I've seen them twice at the Chicago Theatre and was able to catch Jonsi on his solo project "Go Do" world tour twice. I think you hit the nail on the head, passion. There is so much emotion in their work it's really infectious. Great music, great guys, great fans.
There is already a massive Sigur Ros thread. Great band but use the search function next time.

Edit: Just saw that you said you searched. Instead of using the search bar, click "search" near the top of the page and it takes you to the advanced search.
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^^ Thanks! Yeah I just used the search bar instead of doing an advanced search...was surprised that nothing showed up so I guess I was mistaken.
I would kill to see them play Saeglopur with the wall of water between them and the crowd...

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