Asking Alexandria is one of my favorite bands (despite their inconsistancy, if that is what you have to say dont bother replying) I love Ben Bruce (founder and vocals) I actually wish he had stayed with the original Asking Alexandria from Dubai, and their more hardcore days. However, the new members are all extremely talented and i have yet to find a song by them i didn't like. But I am a little off-put by the fact that they re-made some Skid Row songs (even though I love Metalcore/Underground music, I still love the older hair bands....... i.e. Poision, Ratt, Great White) and i was just hoping to get some opinions on them remaking Skid Row.
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there not hardcore.. there like some metal shit are'nt they?

Asking Alexandria sounds metal to you? They sound like hardcore to me.
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They sound like crap to me.. but that's just my opinion. I'm not generally a fan of scene kid hardcore bands.
They look like those kids who wear Hello Kitty shirts metal shows, dances shirtless in the pit with half finished tattoos and play in bands that do nothing but breakdowns. I hate those kids.
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Asking Alexandria sounds metal to you? They sound like hardcore to me.

Asking Alexandria sounds hardcore to you? They sound like garbage to me.
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Hardcore is Madball, Cry Wolf and Converge. This is not hardcore.

dear god not a genre argument...

If we are going to argue though, it isn't "real" hardcore, or metal, or metalcore. I prefer the term "Mediocore"
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Whatever they may be, metalcore isn't it.

Have you never heard an Asking Alexandria song? This is metalcore. "Nu-Metalcore" if you want to be specific.