well if you can set it up i dont see why it wouldnt work

but remember that its made for the E string so the different tensions on the different string might make it difficult to set up to tune correctly

edit http://www.dtuna.com/faq.php

to the guy above they are bout 40 bucks and to install you need to have a blocked bridge so that you cant pull up on it so if hes set it up correctly it should work
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Wouldnt work the thinner strings would not allow enuff adjust with the fine tuners.
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i also think the D-tuna's would be too thick next to each other so they would just be stuck in each other. at least i thought that by looking at one while playing. i came with the same idea to tune to one full step down but the guy in store said it probably wouldn't work too.
i had a d-tuna come on one of my wolfgangs, hated it. set it up right, but it would always get bumped and pull me just enough out of tune to piss me off. i took it off. i really think they are overrated.
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