I wrote this song about 5 years ago and now I just wanted to show it to some people.

I'm really not sure if it should be classified as Metalcore because I'm not that good in putting songs into genres but for me it was the best fit.

Either way, I'm curious to hear your feedback for this piece.

Test 96.gp5
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Not bad, but wholly generic
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I would call this progressive rock and although it is generic its very good. You kept the same general tone throughout the song and built up the excitement during the later part of the interlude which I liked. This is definately a keeper. Me being a fan of lead guitar riffs I would suggest adding a solo of some sort and this song is only about 3 minutes long so a solo would spread it to at least 3 and a half minutes. If i were you I'd make a transition to the solo on bar 69
I'm not really gonna critique you on song writing, seeing as you said the song was 5 years old.

but as A whole, it's pretty metalcore, through and through. Not really a bad thing at all, i thought it was pretty energetic(?) to listen too, the chorus reminded me of BFMV, not sure if that was intentional or not.

i enjoyed it.
Thanks for your opinions so far. They put a big smile on my face when I first read them. Seems like not everything I did this long time ago was trash

A solo would be really a nice thing and I think I'll work on it when I find the time.

I never had Bullet in my mind when I came up with this chorus. At that time I was pretty into the album "Come Clarity" by In Flames and I just wanted to have a similar chorus like "Reflect The Storm".