Alright, so I've been practicing recording with my current setup for about a year now, with an M Audio Profire 2626 and running Pro Tools 8. The biggest struggle I have had has been trying to get volume out of my recordings without making the tracks clip. I'm slowly but surely getting better at mixing, but mastering is still fairly untreaded waters for me and I'm not exactly certain what to do to do it properly.

For examples of my work, check out the link in my signature, it goes to my soundcloud page and you can hear what I have there. Granted, the quality is slightly affected when uploaded, but it is at least something


EDIT: I should also add that I am using Mac, and not PC, in case of any PC-exclusive plugins suggested
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You're supposed to mix your tracks at low volumes, then send it to a mastering engineer so that THEY can 'get volume' out of the song.
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Well, yeah, that's one way to do it. But, in my home studio/college student budget, I'd much rather learn how to do a somewhat decent job of it myself.

And that video was useful! I wasn't able to download one of the plugins since it was PC only but it had some helpful tips in it!
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Try Izotope Ozone. Great program.

This. But most of the presets sucks, so be careful not to overdo it. It is great for boosting volume and adding some color though, especially if you program drums.
basicly eq, limiting and compression.

try searching youtube for stuff on them, and it should help you a lot.

i have found that light compression and guitar and bass tracks, plus a harder compression on the master track helps a lot with giving me the extra volume i need.

but u do lose dynamics like this, but used correctly its not to bad, plus with metal and punk etc.. its not the end of the world, i found that the drums are the thing u have to be careful with when using compression as u can end up getting sudden drops in volume.
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i think people get a little worked up over mastering. for me, mastering is something you do with a group of songs (EP, album, whatever) and not just one song. if its just one song, its more like putting the finishing touch on the mix.

i know what you mean though. you want to add some volume and get that polished sound. i would start with a very light handed EQ just to round out the sound. anything you are adjusting more than a couple dB means you need to go back and work with your main mix more.

then you add light compression in stages. dont compress all at once, you do it lightly in stages. this reduces the overall sound, but still brings up your volume.
izotope ozone -> gclip with hard cutoff -> gclip with soft cutoff = winz
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