Alright 1st off i've been playing around 3 years but still dont know much about amps,cabs,heads ect...so a little info on those would be great

Now to my second question. Im moving to Austin Texas in a few months and plan on trying to gig in the area. What would be the best combo (cab and head?)? to buy for a metal sound. I've heard peavy 5150 but again i have no idea what that means.

Budget? - 800-1200$

Genres? - Metal,Metal-core, Post-Hardcore and a little pop-punk here and there. Favorite guitarists are Syn Gates(A7X),JB Brubake(ABR), Oli Herbert (ATR)

New or Used? - Either really

Home or Gig? - Gig

Closest City? - Austin

Current Gear? - 100W marshall combo amp

Thanks in advanced
peavey is the manufacturer and 5150 is the model. And yes that would be a good match for metal in your budget
5150 is a good starting point for metal and for many people is the ultimate metal amp, you could easily get one with your budget

you could also however look into used Mesa's maybe a Mark III or IV which you could again get in your budget
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