Well i didn't know where to post this thread so i put it here.

So, i am interested in a harmonica to accompany my guitar playing. So i would like you to give me some recommendations on harmonicas, which one to buy etc. I myself considered buying a hohner blues harp.

Thanks in advance!
Thanks! Though i mainly plan to play it with my guitar, on a holder. Like the old blues masters
Holders cost about $10 but can be a little hard to find (depending on where you live). Harmonicas range in price from like $7-$50. If you're pretty sure you want to put in time and stick with it, I'd get a ~$20 instrument like a Hohner Big River Harp. If you aren't totally sure about the investment, you can get a cheapo guy and fiddle around with it for a while. Nicer harps sound much better and are far easier to play. If you have the money, I personally recommend getting a Big River Harp or a Marine Band because they are much nicer to play and therefore make it more fun to learn and play with.
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I've checked some music shop's websites and they sell all that stuff. I plan to stick with it permanently so i'm ready to invest. Will check out those harmonicas, thanks for the advice!
Yeah I have a Hohner Big River Harp and it's lovely, I prefer playing it WAY more than the cheap other harmonica I have. I wish I had a holder though!
The best way to learn is to just try and make the blues come out. You do it by having the main note/tonic chord come in on the draw (sucking in near the bottom three holes). From there you can practice just what the different movements you can make and what they sound like, and you're off rocking.
Theres two possible keys with each 10 hole blues harmonica.
Hohner still makes great harps in a variety of prices. I have a "Special 20" which has the advantage of a plastic body; you can "soak" it without damage. (wood-bodied ones will eventually deteriorate.
If you don't know about soaking, you will....
The blues harp is nice, and has reeds that are easy to bend.