So im looking to purchase a blackstar HT1 head for recording, i can get the combo but would prefer the head unless i cant run it into the cabinet.

Anyway i have a Hiwatt SE4123 cabinet and its 16 ohm, the black star is 8 ohm.

Is it fine to use 8 ohm into a 16ohm cabinet?

I heard that its fine unless you use a cabinet the below the amps impedance rating but just needed clarification.

An important thing to notice is that impedance mismatching not only is less efficient; some of the signal actually travels back to your amplifier if it isn't absorbed fully by the load (cab).
Thanks for the comments guys.

Yeah its tube.

I found this on a post.

'Hi Billy,

Thanks for the enquiry.

You can use the HT-1 with cabs of a minimum of 4 ohms without causing damage to the head. In other words you can use your cab with the HT-1.

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It really matters how robust your output transformer and output tubes are. It should be okay.