I am really fond of your music, you stick to the true composition of the late first wave of BM, I also enjoyed the vocals. Just a tip to you, as an entrepreneurial move, don't let death metal get in the way of Black metal, if you're doing black metal stick to it, it's best this way and you're sales will go up, fans of black metal like to stay true to the roots as possible (even though bands like Darkthrone and Mayhem started out Deathmetalish) But that's how it is these days, you can do this for the beggining then later when you've sold more enough you can start putting death metal elements in you're music.

In the mean time I would very appreciate if you check out my black metal/Dark ambient/experimental project Hélvêtë, http://www.youtube.com/user/Laprevraven?feature=mhee

Subcribe if you may.
Thanks dude for the feedback, i really appreciate everything you said! And I will take your advice.

I subscribed to your channel, awesome stuff dude!!!