Poll: Blackstar Ht 1r or Vox Vt40+
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View poll results: Blackstar Ht 1r or Vox Vt40+
Blackstar Ht 1r
3 30%
Vox Vt40+
7 70%
Voters: 10.
Hi there I am looking for a practice amp for my bedroom. I play a Gibson Les Paul Studio and I mostly play blues/blues rock/classic rock/Incubus type music. Which of these (or a different amp if you think it would be better) would be best.

VT40+ should see you through

i play pretty much the same as you but with a fender 60's strat and through a VT50

and its gorgeous!
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VT40+ for sure, the Blackstar is good but doesn't get clean sounds better than the Vox, the HT-5R might be more comparable, especially since then both amps have a 12" speaker, but the Vox should be better for you.