has any onee tried the squier matt freeman p bass, and if you have whats it like.
There's no need to bump after 2 hours, we're not the fastest forum by any means on this site. The Matt Freeman is also brand new, so its unlikely to be in large supply in stores yet.

That being said, it's pretty much a Vintage Modified Precision bass with a basswood body instead of an agathis one, so if you've ever tried a VM Precision, or can try one in-store it should give you a general idea.
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From people I've spoken to in the US who have tried it, it's Classic Vibe quality and extremely good I've heard. Worth the money.

Mine is due to arrive tomorrow
I tried it some days ago, and I was pleasently suprised The neck is "fast" (what makes a neck fast is subjective), and it was quite light. The tone was mediocre, but I wasn't excepting something godly from a squier.

All in all: A good, comfortable bass that's def. worth the money
Yep... totally CV quality.

I like the neck a lot. I preffer a maple fingerboard on a P bass, and the Freeman sig is the nicest quality maple-neck P you can get for cheap, if you don't like the look of the new VM P.
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