Whenever I write lyrics I can RARELY flesh out an entire verse and I cannot write a chorus to save my life. But I do feel like the words that I write have promise, alas I am stuck with many "snippets" of potential songs.

[Stereo Romance]
A kiss ridden and thrown across the airwaves.
Stay tuned a thousand hearts must fall.
The story unfolds up so high in the frequencies.
It's breaking up.
(We're breaking up.)

[Act Upon This]
The curtain pulls.
(Oh!) You're such a fine little actor.
Stand in line; soldiers march faster.

[Bri Who?]
**** that lust and autumn chill.
That midnight kiss and suburban thrill.

[Chasing Sirens]
Watch the lights.
We're gonna chase the sirens.
This city street.
Illuminated by diamonds.

[Curbstomp Lover]
With each barefoot step on the pavement I confess.
I feel death.
Oh, uh, oh I feel death.
I feel death.
Oh, uh, oh death.

Elite; we are the beautiful.
We're first class; go ahead and start the jet-set.
Flowers on our wrist; take a chance cuz we are the chosen.

Rickety, rickety bridge.
Thank the lord I'm a featherweight.

Behold Breezy Bree.
A social-ridden beauty queen.
Hunted down by the scene, she just needs to breathe.

(Insert three lines similar to that above.)

Breezy wants!
Breezy needs!
Breezy loves!

Breathe Breezy breathe!

Gunfire; it chimes reckless and relentless.
Pacifists gone trigger-happy.
Boom, shot, we're dead.

These are the songs of our love.
A makeshift playlist at best; but the scene just don't give a damn.

Here lies suh-i-lence.
The weeping of wallflowers: my favorite lullaby.

[Trigger Happy]
We laughed at a gunshy world.
But now we're dead.
Because we were just too trigger happy.

[Untitled 2]
Rave that.
Feel that.
**** that.
Know that.

These hearts are just for show.

It's frustrating because I FEEL like I have potential for some solid songs here but I just cannot close the deal. I've NEVER written an entire song.

Can someone help me out here?
Am I writing my lyrics too formulaic?
Are they coming out too much like writing / poetry?
Do I just not understand basic song-structure?

Really; really looking for some help here.
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I have exactly the same problem as you. I have about 30 half finished songs, or ideas sitting around on my laptop, or in notebooks, waiting to be finished. What you do have shows promise, especially for dark tinged acoustic songs (Secondhand Seranade, City and Colour), or popcore (A Day To Remember etc), so the main thing to remember is DON'T GIVE UP.

If you think of a vocal melody, try using the previous set of lines as a guide for the next, keeping a similiar rhythmic feel to your words. That way, you can build up a decent verse.

You can then decide to write something different, building up to a chorus, or just leap into it, but try to keep it simple and catchy, for the chorus. This is easier said than done, but think of your favourite song choruses, and identify what makes them catchy. This can be a tasty riff, or drum beat, but most likely will be a vocal hook; something you can sing without backing and it'll still sound pretty and pleasing to the ear.

Try and think up melodies, then set words to it. If you can record yourself singing a melody, DO IT. I forget how many times I think up a good melody and promptly forget it, and wish I had record of it.

Sorry for the long post, but being in the same boat myself, I thought I'd share ways of how to get around this annoying problem. If you have any techniques for songwriting at all, please share them in here, as I'm always looking for new perspectives on writing songs
Usually when I write songs I NEVER start with a chorus. It's usually just random things popping into my head that become verses. But what one of the things I think helps me is that I want the chorus to embody the entire idea of the song. I don't know if that's a poppy structured idea or what but it works for me.

Take a song I wrote, Reapers, an anti war song:
Sleepless nights for weary soldiers
Take another look at all the horrors
Across the line an invisible foe
Just shoot and kill, it's all that they know

You get it right? Anti war? Well the chorus is only two lines but I think they sink in:
What goal is the war for?
Money fame, power and more

It may be simple but it's very straightforward. I think taking generally your whole song idea and putting it in the chorus, even if it's totally metaphorical and poetic, will help.

Hope I helped! I'd like to see more posts on this and get more ideas myself.
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I'm a person with no experience but I know some things about songwriting. You have to use as simple words as you can. You can write well, but people need something simple, clear and telling the truth. Stop thinking about how many words can you put in rhyme. Try to write only one word with some ideas around it. It is more helpful and then you can feel original ideas coming through. You have some ideas, and that's okay, so make them more simple. Learn from the greats. "Country music - 3 chords and the truth." This is damn right. Let your music not lose the energy. Put some accentual words in every verse. Keep the main mood alive and make the people know what you're talking about. And make your verses narrative and the choruses have to finish your thoughts in your verses with simple thoughts. Keep pen and paper everywhere with you, cause inspiration does not wait.
A kiss is thrown across the air.
Stay tuned a thousand loves must fail. - a thousand cries can be heard or something
The story unfolds up so high in your ear.
It's breaking up.
(We're breaking up.)
Sorry I'm editing something the other is better. I was trying to say, easy words are often understood. And it also depends on the melody. The melody includes minor chords, you use words, that express sadness for example.
sorry again for editing your things and for my bad english. thank you