bro... totally reminded me of black sabbath, but a lot less muddy and more melodic in my opinion.
loved the solo especially- nice choice of notes, expression and i dig the tone
everything was in time, and although the drum rhythm isn't to my tastes, i know that it is very definitive of the doom metal genre.
BUT what can i say? the groove and recording were all awesome. props on your effort at making the recording and timing absolutely perfect, and getting the tone and mixing all clear.

out of curiosity, what does d.o.a.f. stand for?

check out me and my friend's metal duo- EPIC METAL TIME!
i'd love some crit.
Cool groove dude. I'm with naybnbyuwn, reminds me of Sabbath too. Very rhythmic, solo fit right into place. Everything sounded in time too, which was good. Volume mix sounds good, I'm listening to it on big speakers and everything sounds good.

Wish I could criticize something, but the whole thing was pretty solid. Good job! Do you do any singing?


Sorry for the delay in replying and C4Cing. To be honest, I was a little scared to read what people had written about my track. I haven't plucked up courage to look at this thread until today.

I promise to C4C all the above tonight. I'm at work at the moment, invigilating exams, so now might not be the best time.

D.O.A.F. stands for "Death Of A Friendship".

My gear is very weird. The mic is an old pair of headphones with the headband taken off and draped over the amp, which is a Marshall (the cheapest & smallest you can get). The mic goes into an old 4-track Yamaha. I don't use the tape anymore, only the EQ faders. This then goes into my laptop, and I use Audacity for the mixing. The drums and bass are Guitar Pro 6.

My guitar is a Dean Soltero, my only piece of gear that's of any quality.
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