Don't know if this has been done before, but I'm bored, and interested to see what everyone thinks about this.

If you had the chance, what band would you be in?

This can be a professional band of course, say if you desperately wanted to raep the fog machine in Brokencyde, or you could be a bit more creative, and make up your own perfect band, either with pro's, or people you make up. Also mention what style you would play.

Heres mine:

-Me: Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki, Harmonica, Songwriter and Vocalist

-Multi Instrumentalist: Banjo, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Sitar, Violin and Electric Guitar

-Bassist: Plays an upright bass, and provides vocal harmonies

-Piano: Can also play accordion and provides backing vocals

-Drummer: Uses plenty of percussion instruments such as Cajons, Tablas, Shakers etc

We would play modern folky, country-ish acoustic music, like The Decemberists, Tarkio, Monsters of Folk, Imagined Village, Mumford and Sons, Johnny Flynn etc.

Probably a weird taste, but thats what I like

Your go, Pit.
motion city soundtrack lead singer.

would be awesome.
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Me: Vocals, guitar, occasional synths/keys, various found instruments.

Electronics guy: Drum machine, synths, sampler, vocals, effects

Drummer: Acoustic drums, vocals, other acoustic percussion

Bassist: Bass, vocals, various electronics, various found instruments

Other Guitarist: Vocals, guitar, various misc. electronics

Experimental/Art-Rock/Psychedelia for the absolute win. Animal Collective-meets-The Flaming Lips-meets-James Blake
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Me + the guy who plays the lights and fog machine in brokeNCYDE = win
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Me + the guy who plays the lights and fog machine in brokeNCYDE = win

'this song is called night time in megan fox's vagine, hit it brokie!

"I specialize in driving a set like I'm driving a Lexus" - Uncle Mez
A jazz/blues/indie/folk band:

Me-Vocals, Acoustic Guitar or Tele 59', Mandolin, Harp
Lead Guitarist-Electric Gibson Les Paul, can be acoustic guitar too, keyboards and vocals
Bassist: contrabass
Guitars- Myself, Tosin Abasi, and Marc Okubo
Bass- Justin Chancellor
Drums- Tomas Haake
Vocals- Phil Bozeman and Rody Walker

We would make some kind of progressive djent/mathcore type band
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Me - Lead Guitar, Screaming Vocals
Vocalist - Female singer, great and deep/sexy voice
Guitarist - Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals
Bassist - someone who is a bassist, not a desperate guitar failure (no offense Bass players here, but in Bulgaria where I live most are just that - people who couldn't handle the 6-stringer properly)
Keyboardist - able to add proper melodies and harmonies where necessary

As a whole I described my band (except the keyboardist because we agreed not to have one and the bassist who we still haven't found but are looking for... A LOT)
bluegrass/country/western mixed with black/viking metal. basically American folk metal.

me: banjo, pedal, steel guitar, synth
guitarist: guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
guitarist: guitar, mandolin, vocals
bassist: bass guitar, upright bass, vocals
percussion: drum kit, washboard
keyboard: piano, fiddle, vocals
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Put me into Broken Social Scene and I'll be a happy camper.
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Me (rhythm guitar): fapping

lead guitar: drugs

singer: trolling the Pit

piano: insulting people with hats

bass: being the dictator of a small country you have never heard of

drummer: sandwiches

We'd all have sex on stage while dubstep with over 9000 decibel blasts across the venue.
Me: Lead guitar, backing vocals
Singer: Male, somewhat deep voice, able to sing hushed and seriously belt it out when need be
Bassist: Original and able to write catchy basslines with various techniques. Also background singer
Drummer: Able to write creative rhythms and set the dynamics of the whole song really well
Rhythm Guitarist: Very versatile and writes catchy riffs. Also background singer

Broad definition of Alternative Rock
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death metal/melodic death metal

me: bass & backing vocals
lead guitar: lots of sweeps & pinch harmonics
rhythm guitar: just straight up rhythm
drummer: lots of blast beats & double bass drumming
lead vocalist: balance of death growls, pig squeals, & clean singing

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I would love to be in Linkin Park as a rhythm guitarist(Im not better than brad so lead is out of the question) or pianist.

Hmm....Three Days Grace would be second. Have you seen the flames at their concerts??? One second its a soft guitar strumming, the next its 20 foot flames!!!!! LOVE IT!! their music is ok...
Guitars John Petrucci
Paul Waggoner
Bass John Myung
Drums Blake Richardson
Vocals Daniel Tompkins
Trianle- Me
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The perfect band is Frank Zappa on every instrument

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Amon Amarth to Frank Zappa
and everything in between.

The A-Z's of music.
James Hetfield: Rhythm guitar/ vocals
Dave Mustaine: Lead guitar/ vocals
Rob Trujilo: Bass
Mike Portnoy: Drums/ some vocals
Me: Keyboard (turned down to 0 in all mixes because I suck at keyboard)

We have now improved Metallica.
This band couldn't really be defined by a genre. I like to write and play virtually every style.

Me: Bass/High-pitch vocals. Mandolin, Banjo.
Lead Guitarist: Blues Rock oriented, with a penchant for organized dischordance. Outlandish writing styles, mixing blues with metal-core riffs.
Rhythm Guitarist: Grunge player. Knows his palm muted 5th chords like the back of his hand, but also well aware of obscure jazz chords.
Pianist: Gentle-hearted, with fingers like lightning. Voice of the mid-range angels.
Drummer: Classical hand position. Trained in jazz and swing, with quick reflexes and the ability to change tempo mid-measure, should the song call for it.
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Also please visit this thread and help me tab out an album!!!
Me on guitar, the rest of the band would be all of TesseracT minus a guitarist.
The band I have now I guess.

Rhythm Guitar/Lead vocals - traditional rock voice. Tight rhythm playing. Capable of playing over ridiculous rhythms in ****ed timings.

Lead guitar/second vocal - capable of providing harmonies to lead vocal lines. Good improvisor. Tasteful lead playing with a great sense of melody but still able to keep up with odd riffs.

Bass - Yours truly. Capable of playing in odd timings. Penchant for finger tapping. Like the other two, also a songwriter

Drummer - one man army. Hits hard. ****ing superb feel for the groove especially in odd times. Excellent cymbal work.

Otherwise just stick me in doing Trujillo's job in Metallica.
Guitars - Bill Kelliher and Brent Hinds

Bass - Troy Sanders

Drums - Brann Dailor

Vox - All of the above

Fog Machine - Me

Then I could just get drunk all the time and hang out with Mastodon

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GT - Elite Curbstomp
Biffy Clyro.

I'd be in charge of obtaining new amps and operating the fog machine.
Me: Guitar player 1

Guitar Player 2: Has a very large knowledge of theory. Plays with a bit of Jazz and Fusion influences. Not elitist and willing to experiment.
(Guthrie Govan or Daniele Gottardo)

Guitar Player 3: Has a massive amount of knowledge about effects and has outlandish ideas about playing. Not elitist and willing to experiment.

Bass Player: Must be able to hold down a groove in many genres and time signatures. Not elitist and willing to experiment

Keyboard Player: Must have a large amount of music theory knowledge. Must have a lot of knowledge on production. Must be able to play various styles such as Jazz, Progressive Rock, and Electronica. Not elitist and willing to experiment.

Drummer: Must have at least a Mike Portnoy sized kit. Be able to play in many different styles and time signatures. Not elitist and willing to experiment.

Singer: Must be in a high range and have good vibrato. Must be able to play instruments. Takes care of his voice. Not elitist and willing to experiment.

We wouldn't really conform to single genre and mainly do fusions of genres. Although we'd be heavily centered around Jazz Fusion and Progressive Rock.
Me: Singer

Guitar 1: John Petrucci

Guitar 2: Paul Gilbert

Bass: Steve Harris

Drums: Mike Portnoy

Keys: Jordan Rudess

Style is... not that hard to guess, maybe? prog metal :p
Pretty much, it would be memphis may fire with me as their guitarist. i'd pretty much die and be the happiest guy around.
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Me - manager and cowbell related operations engineer.

band - explosions in the sky

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Ronnie James Dio for Vocals
Cliff Burton on Bass
Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Randy Rhoads, and me on Guitar.
James Sullivan (The Rev) [A7x is not so good, but James is a great drummer]
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Myself: Rhythm/Lead
2nd Guitar: Rhythm/Lead knows theory and can apply it to what we're playing
Bass: Plays/played in his school jazz band/knows theory and can apply it to what we're playing
Drummer: Was in school band/knows theory and can apply it to what we're playing
Vocal: ...well, as long as they can sing and write some lyrics IDGAF.

We'll play heavy metal, except the solos will be good due to our knowledge of theory. It'll be like Dream Theater minus the keys and the awesome playing abilities. Just good playing abilities.
Rojam's new and improved band!!!!

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