So, tuesday I'm supposed to be getting a shipment of goods in from Stewmac. So, In that shipment, I'm getting finishing supplies(dye/SnS/Lacquer). I'm going to be working on my sexiness.... uh, my warmoth that day. I'm definitely going to be taking pictures of the work in progress, but then I was thinking... would anyone actually be interested in watching a live webcam feed of me doing the Dye process? I'm a first timer with the whole setup so I think it'd be kinda cool.
actually, i would be interested in that.

it would be interesting to see someone actually document the entire process, and if some of the more experienced members watched and noticed any mess-ups, it would be very easy to show you how you went wrong and such.
i think itd be cool to make a article with youtube videos of each step
definitely would come in handy
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