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i am seriously thinking about getting my head buzzed but i am concerned about how i will look mainly because i am told i have a big head, so i am asking you guys.This is me in the pic below and here is also a pic i photoshoped of me to make me look bald as kind of a reference

Poll coming
good lord no.
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Absolutely not
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keep the hair


wait... is there a 'neither' option?
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Normally I would troll, but dude... that 2nd pic did all the work for me...

My serious advice:
short hair on the sides and keep it a bit longer on the top, put some gel or wax in there, spike it up and you're ready to hunt down some delicious puss-AY!
How did you find a camera large enough to take a picture of your colossal head?

But seriousness, do not get a buzz cut, your hair looks pretty good. I would suggest you just style it in a way that defers looks to your forehead.
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I had a dream about your avatar once, so yes of course.

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Im gonna shave my head in few days. Then I'll buy combat boots and kill anyone that doesn't have blue eyes and blonde hair.
you're a stone fox
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Also, bleach your eyebrows to make sure the fuhrer doesn't suspect impure blood

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you're a stone fox

you made a thread to ask the dumbest question ever

just get a personality cut
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i never said i want to shave it,just buzz it.and refering to "weaponized" comment:are you saying that i have a big forhead?

also keep in mind that the second pic is photoshoped so i might look completely different from that in real life with just a buzz
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i never said i want to shave it,just buzz it.and refering to "weaponized" comment:are you saying that i have a big forhead?

No, foreheads really creep me out is all
You look like Devin Townsend when you're bald. Which would be OK if you actually were Devin. But you ain't. So keep some of your hair. But seriously, it doesn't look THAT bad.
Why do you want to give up looking like Eric Foreman?
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Dear god no! I did it recently and it looked alright, however, it took ages for it to grow back out, and during those 3 months I looked like an utter twat (a lot like now tbf), as my hair was two long to look just like a buzz cut, but not long enough to gel = I looked like a wanker
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at your age Id wish you a speedy recovery from your chemo. fuk no grow that shit long and let your freak flag fly!!
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Your head isn't too big, you're all good.
i don't know why i feel so dry
Why don't you just trim it down to a 3 or 4 on the clippers scale. I think it'd look nice, but bald? No one should be bald unless they have hair growth problems.
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