Hey UG,

I am in need of some assistance. My birthday is coming up and I've caught wind of me getting a Marshall Class 5 perhaps. I've always talked and even recommended this to other guitarists, having played it several times. Now, usually this was in a band-practise-ish environment so nobody would complain. However, since I will be playing it @bedroom level I know I need some kind of dist/OD to give it some bite at these bedroom levels. I am quite aware that there are a lot of great expensive pedals out there but the simple fact is, I do not have the budget for it. My budget is lim. to apr. 150€. Would UG be so very kind and recommend me some "budget" OD/dist. pedals which sound good enough.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.



My current gear is the following:

Gibson LP Traditional
Vox VT30

I would like some Gary Moore-ish and/or Hendrix ish sounds if you would like to know.
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Gold Top
Vox VT30
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OCD for light Marshall sound, or Fendery
Dirty Bomb for heavy Marshall
Green Rhino for tube overdrive, will get louder
Not sure, but I like Tech21 Oxford for Orange sound
For fuzz like sounds, Swollen Pickle (aggressive fuzz)
or Big Muff Pi (smoother)
just try an ibanez tube screamer for something a lil on the cheaper end. solid pedal that everyone uses so u'll kno it will work pretty good. personally, i was a huge fan of the vox ice 9. i have kno idea wat that translates to in euros but its probably something like 100 maybe? (its $130 u.s.). it has a real wide variety of tones that you can get from it, a nice amount of eq, and a "more" switch to do just that. it adds just a little bit more bit to the sound for a solo boost or just an even more overdriven signal. its a really nice, well made pedal and i think it will work very well for wat ur looking for
If you are lucky enough to get one of the 2011 new models, you will get a over all power reducer switch - so you will be able to drive the tubes at bedroom volumes.
Maybe put that request in now before they buy you the amp!