I have a Schecter Omen 6 FR and today while adjusting the intonation I noticed something fishy.
The 12fret harmonic and the 12th fret of the High E String are in tune perfectly but the the 1st fret to 11th fret are all to sharp and 13th-24th fret ranges from in tune to flat, to sharp and i dont understand what the problem is.
I use Ernie Ball Ball Regular Slinkys and the gauge is 0:10-0:46
The string isnt new but it isnt old either so if there are any technicians out there that could help me id really appreciate it
Apologies if this isn't that much help, but do try a new set of strings, put them on and wear them in.

If after a while the notes are still sharp/flat I highly reccomend taking your guitar to a professional and seeing if something serious is up. Before with my bass I've noticed wierd goings on, tried to fix them myself and made it worse!

Again, apologies if it hasn't helped much, but in situations like this getting a professional to take an up-close look at the instrument helps a lot.
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Not sure if this would help but make sure when you're restringing you loop the string round then under and over the string. Not sure how to describe it but it stops the strings going out of tune for me.

If it's just your intonation then I suggest taking it to a shop and getting a full set up, speak to them about your problem, from the little experience I have it could be related to the truss rod or the nut being too loose.

EDIT: Found a stringing picture from one of the stickies that may help, it's the 2nd post of this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=602241

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