Hey all! Just wanted to post a quick thread advertising my graphic design services. I have a facebook page here which will be frequently updated showing some of my work: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Lucas-Graphic-Designs/145931195478496?ref=ts

I'm quite eager to get my name out there and help others with graphic design jobs for their music projects. I'm really open to all different genres and artistic styles and really want to work with a variety of artists.

At the moment, I'm doing things for free so if anyone is interested, please leave a message here, on my facebook page or drop me an email at iamlucasc@hotmail.com

I really hope that I can get into helping people out so can't wait to hear from you!
Hey I'm in a Post Hardcore screamo band called A Lie Left Untold. Be cool if you could design something for us. We are currently writing and if we release anything i would credit you on it. I do a little design myself but i would like to see others. We play music like A Day To Remember and We Came As Romans
Hey dude, got the message about doing some design work for your band. It sounds like an awesome idea and I'd love to give it a shot What exactly is it you need doing and I'll get on it straight away
Well right now the only thing that we really need is logo. Basically something to put on our Myspace and Facebook. Just something with our name in it. Use your imagination haha
Sure thing man. Is there an email or something I can send the ideas I come up with to?