I'm a pretty big gear noob. I don't have a great understanding of many things, but hopefully somebody here will. So, this person I know (my dad's co-worker), bought a some stuff from a garage sale of a friend years back, or something. The dad died, or something, and they were selling a bunch of his stuff. Anyway, I guess she bought some of it, hoping to sell it, because it was all incredibly cheap. She has absolutely no clue what she has, what it does, or what it's value is. Among these things is a Fender Twin Reverb. The year on it is 1980-something, I can't remember exactly. It's a tube/valve amp, I don't know. Anyway, I got to quickly try it. It sounds ok, but this was only after trying it for about a minute, and I didn't play with the settings much. There was a slight buzz, I don't know if that's the tubes, the amp, or my single-coils. Also, the amp was at a low volume, and I do know those tube amp things sounds better a bit louder, correct? Also, occasionally some nasty feedback squeeling would come out of it. I'm assuming this is the tubes as well, because it's been in a storage facility for three years, and who knows how long the guy had it before, or if he switched the tubes out at all. The person who has it know is trying to sell it, and has been for a while. (Apparently she put this stuff for sale online for $10000+ and took a lot of shit from buyers). Since she has no idea what she's selling, and wants to get rid of it, I could probably get this amp really cheap.

So, my question is it worth it? And how the hell do tube amps work, exactly? Any basic rules or tips to follow with them? And how much would it be to buy new tubes/valves or whatever, plus I'd probably have to take it to a guitar shop to change them out. Sorry if I'm not making a lot of sense, I really don't know a lot
Grab that and get it to a tech. My god.
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^ definately should get on that shit. the feedback was prolly from the single coils. but if its tubes or something small, its nothing that a tech cant clear up in a couple minutes.

buy it, have it looked at, and see wat they say. worse case scenario, u could prolly sell it to someone else for twice wat u paid becuz u'lll actually kno how much its worth
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Thanks. Does anyone know what the approx. price for tubes are?

It depends on the tubes.

www.dougstubes.com is a good web site. Lots of UG users have bought from them including me, and I would really recommend them. Find out what tubes are used in your Twin Reverb there and it will tell you.

Of course, prices vary depending on the make of tube...
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The price that it's being sold for now is $400 (Cdn). Is it still worth it? The price could possibly go down still.

Steal. Full stop.

Where I live, a Twin Reissue new goes for a wee bit over 2 grand. USD.
That should be around 2.5-3 in canadian?