Cool man! I like that it has a folky sound to it (which is probably thanks to the solo acoustic guitar/guy singing over it).

I feel like maybe your voice needs some work, you were pretty off key at parts. Mainly the "I Am" line. However, I can tell you definitely aren't tone def so I think you have a sporting chance.

I'd love to hear something like that with a three piece band (guitar/bass/drums...maybe 4 piece with a key board?) because I can sense some type of actual rock influence here. Not some bullcrap emo kid with a guitar haha.

Nice work, keep it up and don't be afraid to criticize yourself. It's one of the best ways to become a great songwriter.

edit: If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
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Thank you so much for the feedback, man! It means a lot to me...what did you think of the melody and lyrics?

I'm 18, by the way. My voice is a bit high pitched, so I probably sound younger than that.