id have to say killer job man love the breakdown in the middle.
if you have time i need feedback on my newest track on my profile its called "all these people inwhich i must kill" thanks man and killer track
Added a new mix, the previous ones didnt have bass recorded at all, this one does.

Some of may say its a little loud but it was intentional

i also changed the song about a bit, and added a new riff.

Link is in the OP
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I'm digging it man. You managed to craft your own sound, with this track at least. I thought the recording was a little "weak" sounding but the composition had me listening all the way through. I don't do that a lot lol. Props dude. I'll give the rest of your set a listen. Thanks for checking our stuff out!
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I'm surprised you got that tone from a digitech pedal!
I like the riffing and if you clean the mix up a little it will be great
C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1445203
It's kind of periphery inspired, not really djenty, but in drop c.

thanks for the crit, when u say clean up the mix, what exactly do you mean?
any specific part/s?
Nice job man, sounds like a lot of hard work and it shows. I get a real parkway drive type feel from it. All you need to do is dub some hardcore screamo vox - as your song was playing, I couldnt resist belting out a ton of growls and stuff. Your song is made for it!
dude this was a really tight track and the riffing was nothing short of awesome! if you ever want a live drum track on your song PM me and ill work on it right away!
I'm not really one for djent but it sounds nice, maybe some more rhythmical variation though...

This was very poor criticism but yeah more dynamics and especially in the rhythms.

If you want to check out mah song (I have the very same guitar btw), then hesitate no more!
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This was awesome. Sounds huge, sounds heavy. Two things I think could improve this:


There's some bits that just sound like they could do with some grainy and high pitched synths, maybe it's just my preference.

Either way, super-cool track.

If you wanna have a look, mine's .
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i liked the overall groove of the songs. like someone said earlier, the guitar sounds good for coming out of a digitech. the tones from the superior drummer really help out too. i liked the transitions you had going on with the drum rolls. i would suggest adding some kind of lead somewhere in there, or have the bass play independent of the guitar more

C4C? check out my prog metal instrumental track
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