It's called Greys; if I had to describe it I'd say it's Instrumental Prog Rock. If I wanted to describe it an an overly pompous way, I'd say that its influences range from electronic rock to post rock to traditional prog (think Porcupine Tree minus the ambient stuff and more 'modern' sounding), but the songs are pretty varied in that they are all pretty different and don't fall into any particular style. Keep this in mind if you don't immediatly like the first song you listen to (especially given that the opener [the song most people usually listen to first] is probably my least favourite song on the EP; check out the title track for a more defining impression on the general sound of the EP)

It's also a bit on the longer side, at least as far as EPs go (almost 30 minutes long).

You can download it for free, but Bandcamp has a 200-downloads limit. If that limit is reached, I'll upload it to mediafire and post it in the comments.

Well, that's all, I hope you guys enjoy it
Very nice. At the beginning I was thinking "Oh, hey, the latest album by my favorite post-rock musician, Every Post-Rock Band Ever," but by the third song it had really picked up. Void was excellent, and Greys similarly so. I like how all the songs flowed together--very Pinkfloydesque.

I give it three thumbs (a chef's, a hobo's and a hooker's...no, wait, that's a big toe) up. If the first track were more engaging, I would have added a fourth (mine, the left one).