Yo. Got a seven string experiment that i was toying with (written over the course of maybe 3 hours total.)

As for Genre, i'm just going to say it's an amalgimation of different styles I like ( and bands i like and one i really hate! YAY)

so um, yeah, what ya think?

and If i can ever get my hands on a seven string , I /really/ want to record this.

oh, riffs are all riffs from a 6string plugged into a 7string

except the clean part, that /was/ a piano segment.
There were parts of this song I really liked, and others I didn't think were so great.
The intro and and first verse were very similiar and to me sounded very Megadeth-y (Holy Wars intro). This was good.

However what really stood out to me was bars 28-43. I really liked the feel, subtle varitations and overall all parts to this.

However, I felt towards the end of the song, you lost some momentum, and although I felt the jazz guitar picking was nice, I didn't like the reintroduction of the heavy guitars.

Overall a decent song though, definatley has potential
Um, in my opinion I didn't quite get it, don't get me wrong I like heavy things, but to me this did just seem like you were trying to be as weird as you can (which I can appreciate) but it didn't exactly come out well.

This is just my opinion but I didn't think there were any parts which stood out and seemed good, I usually don't say this kind of thing but it was basically just noise.

I didn't mean for this to be a harsh crit, I just didn't enjoy listening to it.
For a work of 3 hours I'd say it is pretty good stuff what you've got here!

The Intro/Synapses Firing reminded me of the intro from Knights of Doom by The Sorrow. Actually that is a pretty good thing as this is one of my favourite metalcore songs.

I think I would've like the HORYCRAPBASS part if there were little alterations to the Brain Damage part of the bass.

I also thought that the usage of the jazz guitar was pretty good from ODBD on.

But the thing that didn't seem right for me was the jazz guitar in And Icarus flew. The first three chords just didn't fit to the other guitars.

All the other parts I haven't mentioned were all good thought out but they didn't stand out for me. But still, I liked this excursion to your 7 string experiment!