Whats up guys, I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half and am self taught. that being said I never really took the time to learn the important things I believe, like scales, techniques and playing with a metronome. i pretty much just started trying to learn songs i like. so with that being said, like i mentioned earlier i can't play to a metronome to save my life. I just always get off rhythm with it. now, I can play to a drum track easily, but I wanna learn to play to a click because I feel its important. any tips? is it just something i need to practice more, or am i missing something?
Well, in order to get it correctly, you need to know how music is structured. Check the internet on tutorials for metronome usage, but be aware, that the topic is pretty complicated, so it's best to have a teacher or somebody who is an adept musician to explain it to you in person with examples and stuff like that. Good luck.
You need to be able to split what you're playing up into beats. Learn how to split up a bar basically. It doesn't matter if you only have limited musical knowledge because if you've been playing to a drum track then you must already have some ability to 'feel' the beats and where everything should be placed.

Playing to a click is like playing to the world's most boring drum track; think of it as a continuous hi-hat. So don't let it freak you out and just keep practising, slowly at first and then build it up. It IS important for a number of reasons: in short they are that 1) it allows you to fully hear what you are playing with no emphasis or accents on any parts (if you're playing to a drum track the snare for example will add emphasis to whatever you played when it hit) and 2) it's what you'll primarily play to in a recording studio and in that type of environment time literally is money so it's beneficial to be able to just sit down and get everything done in the minimum number of takes.
As above + get used to tapping your foot to the metronome when playing, it really helps to have a body part always in time.

Start with a song you know really well and just keep practicing, it might seem hard at first but you will pick it up and it becomes second nature.

Timing is an essential part of music.
Try tapping your foot while listening to a song you like

Everytime you tap your foot is where a metronome click would fall. This is the pulse of the song and it's essential you don't lose it.
You can start by simply picking or strumming quarter notes (once every beat) and over a period of time work to 16th notes. Don't rush stages because rythm guitar has to be pretty tight to sound good

Playing with a metronome is important beacuse if you can keep a groove with it alone, when you add a drummer and bass it feesl like the easiest thing in the world