So I just got an MXR Carbon Copy delay and I'm having some weird issues with it. From the momentr I turned it on I got a thud like sound that started to repeat with each repeat getting louder and louder until it nearly blew out my speaker. I figured it might be a problem with a patch cable/power supply/etc so I triple checked those things and they were fine.

I turned the pedal back on and it didn't happen but from the moment I hit a string the same thing happened. The sound is not a 'natural' type of repeat or echo and sounds absolutely horrid. Is this a defect with the pedal? I tried playing around the knobs and it would appear to be fine but without fail, it would always do it within 30secs.

Do I need to return it.
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Turn the regen knob down. What you're experiencing is oscillation and it's awesome, when used right.

Yeah this.
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How do you control it? Also how can it be awesome?

youtube some carbon copy videos. it can make epic spacey sounds. thats also why i'll be buying that bad boy one day xD