I own a Roland JC-77 and a digitech RP250, but the sounds I'm getting haven't been doing it for me. I'm looking to upgrade and one option I'm considering is getting a better multi effects pedal, hoping that spending a little more will get me the quality I'm looking for.

With that in mind I've been considering the tonelab EX. My concern is that the JC-77 doesn't have an FX loop. Therefore I'll have to run the tonelab in front of the amp, layering the amp models with the JC-77's preamp. I've heard that this amp is relatively neutral and so am hoping that the lack of a loop is not a deal breaker.

Basically, has anyone had experience with the JC-77 and multieffects pedals, or with the JC-120, running the amp models in front of the amp? Has the sound they get from the tonelab been reproduced faithfully through the amp?
I had a Fender Ultra Chorus which is a 120w solid state with a similar circuit to the JC-120, but with an FX loop. I found that modulations and timed effects (delays, reverbs etc) could be pretty noisy in front of the amp.

My advice to you would be to try and get hold of a used Tonelab from ebay - if you try it and it doesn't work, you can usually sell it on for what you paid. Pedals don't lose value from owner to owner if they are kept in good condition.
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