Hey guys
Quick question here from a complete noob when it comes to using heads: I got a blackstar HT1 head recently, I've ordered a HT408 cab to go with it but it hasn't been delivered yet.

In the meantime, is it safe to use the emulted headphone output to play through without having a cab plugged in? I thought probably not, but I'm asking on the off chance as I'm really keen to see it in action.

Many thanks.
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Ok, as I feared. Guess I'll have to have a little patience! Thanks for the quick reply.
Up The Boro!
most head phone outs cut the power output to the cab anyway so check if it does and you should be fine
get a 20w resistor with the impendance of your amp solder it with the connector and Plug your amp's out in that,then you can use the emulated output if yoi dont give the amp head some resistance the ot will fry up
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I'm not sure about your amp but on my JCM900, if you switch on the amp but leave it on standby, it bypasses the poweramp and the signal still gets sent through the line out. It doesn't sound great though because there's no poweramp to push the signal

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