Hello Ultimate-Guitar,
I have never asked for your help, and this would be greatly appreciated.
A band I am in is currently in a competition with red bull to be recorded professionally in either LA or London, and play at the Download festival in the UK as an opener.
We are currently in second place, and I would appreciate it very much if you would sign up as a fan, and click the become a fan button - it's that simple.
I would make fake accounts, but it gets us removed form the competition, and I simply don't know enough computer to proxy every fake email address.
Winning without cheating would just be nice.

Thank you very much.

This is the link.

Yeah if you're 2nd place you shouldn't feel bad about putting your work up here. (Unless it's 2/2).

But even besides that if it WAS bad (Not saying it is) You wouldn't want to play Download festival if it sucked would you?.

Put the songs up and I will gladly listen to them and then decide.
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This +10000

You're a decent 11'er Bryc3e

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