Poll: Esp ltd eclipse or Fender lonestar for metal grunge?
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View poll results: Esp ltd eclipse or Fender lonestar for metal grunge?
esp ltd ec 1000
4 36%
fender deluxe lonestar
7 64%
Voters: 11.
Ive put up forums and polls for best metal grunge guitar and these two are the most popular so i just thought id put another thread on which is best and why i should choose to buy any of them.
Well, the EC may be better for metal. But the Pearly Gates in the strat has quite a bit of bite as well, enough for pretty much everything (unless it's Cannibal Corpse or similar nasty things). And for grunge that thing is perfect, especially due to the HSS configuration. The single coils are also really nice, I have the Roadhouse strat, which is the SSS version of the Lonestar - I know what I'm talking about! Go for it!
Yeah thanks i probably will go for that as i do agree with you the eclipse is very metal plus it costs alot more. I haven't played a lonestar yet but i hope to play one in the next few days.