i'm currently torn between two amp heads:

the Engl gigmaster 30

and the Engl thunder 50

i play mostly metal

i haven't tried either of these amps but they both look awesome

i don't want anything too loud, i play in a band but i don't need anything like 120w.

my budget is £600
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the gigmaster has a lot of solid state stuff going on in it. Just fyi.

I haven't tried either.
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The Gigmaster, funnily enough, has more gain. It can get really distorted if you want it to. It's a bit sterile sounding to me and never quite balances the modern 'djent' and vintage 'squish' that it seems to represent.

The Thunder is more vintage in voice and has a cleaner output stage. It also has less gain and probably packs a little bit more of a punch in the low end particularly when you use an external cabinet like a 4x12.

I'd probably say you should try them both out. They're very common amplifiers (the most common ENGL models, no doubt) and do offer different things. You'll need to find out for yourself which one would be better suited to you and your needs.
The Gigmaster sounds (namewise) and looks like a budget amp, although it's almost the same price as the Thunder. As a former Thunder owner, I can say I was more than satisfied with the amount of gain. Boost it if it doesn't get aggressive enough.