I couldn't decide if this goes here or in Gear & Accessories, so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My question might seem a bit stupid, but is it possible to replace the LP red wine studio's toggle switch top (not the whole switch, just the black top) with a cream top from the standards? I've always liked the way the thicker tops on the standards look. Also, would it even look good to have a cream switch on the red wine studio? Thanks
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Look at the reviews--

"I was nothing short of stunned after installing this toggle switch cap on my crappy LP copy. Maybe it was just my imagination, but the original completely sucked the tone right out of the guitar. Since I bought this awesome cap, my axe has never sounded better. For the money, there is no amp or combination of pedals that have ever done more to improve my playing. In the future, all of my guitars will be equipped with this DiMarzio product. I suggest you buy one now before they catch on and raise the price."