Hello again guys!
This time I need some help identifying this "Dean" Guitar. There is a guy selling it for $200. He claims it is a USA Dean manufactured about 20 years ago before they were mass produced Tell me what you think.
Damn, not sure of the kind of Dean, but, that's a real nice looking guitar.
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I don't recall them ever having those headstocks.... I could easily be completely wrong though.

They have had those headstocks before. Dave Mustaine's signature guitar has a headstock just like it
I'd say go for it...doesnt look like their newer ones...soo..yeah..I'd snap it up...sweet inlays too...

Never seen angled neck p'ups like that though
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Why don't you contact Dean themselves. Or i'm not sure if it was the time while Dean Zelinsky was still there, however if it was. Why not send him an email?