First off, I am not sure if this should be posted here or on the acoustic forums because it relates to both. Anyway I have an Epiphone PR-150 and want to get an acoustic electric. I am debating wether to buy pickups(the removable ones) and install those or buy a value pack.
The Ibanez IJAE5 JamPack Jolt/SE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Pack is the one that appeals to me most:

It is $200 and I believe a decent set of pickups is around $70. If I sell the guitar to GC I could most likely get around $30. Another amp couldn't hurt so I am leaning to the Jam Pack. I probably won't use the strap, picks and the cable from the pack though.....Honestly, I don't really care about tone. I just want something that will work and is decent.

Thanks in advance
i would stray far far away from a 'jam pack'. and Guitar Center for that matter (overpriced).

do some research at local guitar shops. i guarantee you can find a better price on gear. a year or so back, my good buddy Vic (who owns a guitar shop) was doing a 50% off deal on Alvarez acoustics. I got great high-mid priced acoustic for over 50% off (it pays knowing people). Honestly, I probably paid about $300 for it (originally it ran for $750 I believe).

also, depending on where youre from, check Craigslist. Killer prices on all kinds of shit. Granted, most objects are used (check for pictures!!!) , but if you dig deep enough you'll find a gem for a decent price.
I was considering the Dean Markley Pro Mag SC-1 which is $50.

@edubz09: There are no local guitar stores in my area and craigslist has nothing
Please check Craigslist. I speak from experience here. You are much better off getting a used Good guitar instead of a new cheap guitar. Although the best bet is a new Good one.

edit* Just noticed your above post, maybe MusiciansFriend.com? Or Craigslist in surrounding cities. A good deal would be worth a drive.
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I was considering the Dean Markley Pro Mag SC-1 which is $50.

@edubz09: There are no local guitar stores in my area and craigslist has nothing

make a WTB (want to buy) listing on craigslist for some. be specific. you never know what's sitting around that people aren't using, and are too lazy to make an ad for.

worth a shot.
Can I plug an acoustic-electric into an electric guitar amp?? Is there a difference between an acoustic and electric amplifier?
You can. Yes there is a difference but it does work. The acoustic amps are like keyboard amps and have a full range speaker.
Thanks everyone. I think I will go for the starter pack.

Another quick question: Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 $40 worth it or not? Might pick it up at GC when I get the Ibanez