Good quality strings and tremolo system
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i am not a fan of steve vai by any means(i am not saying he isnt a good guitarist, dont jump down my throat), but he is a 100% professional guitarist so he knows how far he can push his equipment before something breaks.
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He has a locking tremolo system with a cavity routed behind it, so he can pull up and down. I would assume he also changes strings quite often (as all pros seem to do) so they don't break during the gig, although that has happened while he was recording Alive in an Ultra World.
He's got a double locking trem system. Locks at the bridge and locks at the nut.
The strings are always fresh....always!
Vai does indeed get out of tune on occasion. (and break strings)

Very simple... he's got techs who's job it is have all his guitars ready at all times. They'll just bring him a diff. guitar. And constantly work back stage as needed.

On top of that... it must be nice to have Ibanez do whatever you say.