Hey guys, I'm 17 today and I'm planning on getting a half-stack... Only problem is, I don't know which to get =

The worst part is that my budget is really low; about £180 for both head and amp (I'll be getting it second hand off eBay or something I believe)... =/

Also, I live in the UK so sites from the US or whatever might be a bit of a problem.

I think I've mentioned everything... If you have any questions let me know ^^

Thanks in advance people! =D
oh boy.


thrash huh?

why a half stack again?

gig? or just playing at home?

what are the options?

ever consider a combo?
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Bugera makes tube amps that sound pretty good. Other than that Marshall all the way.
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Bugera makes tube amps that sound pretty good. Other than that Marshall all the way.

On a budget of £180? I think not.

I don't know what the used market is like over there, but maybe a used Peavey ultra or xxx, jsx would be good too but I doubt you'll find one in your price range. Bugera is good on a budget too.

If you're not playing in a band I'd wait and save up a bit more.
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Well, buying a tube amp second hand isn't always a good idea. You never know it's history and that can be quite troublesome. I've had some mayor problems with a secondhand tube amp myself and the repairs and the price I paid are as much as my new amp.

So I'd say, maybe save up or get a good combo instead.
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@ budget.

Good luck to you, sir!
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