Ok, so I wrote and recording this song using nothing but a Ibanez TS9 as my dirt through my Valveking, just to prove I could get a decent blues tone.

Pickups are BKP Trilogy Suties in the middle and neck. Just FYI.

Tell me what ya'll think about it, I'm not the best soloist in the world so go easy.


I like blues, and I like the song aswel. Seems like simple blues but it got some suprises. I liked the small harmonys here and there. Liked your rythm tone especialy at 12 and 37 seconds. The first lead guitar seemed kinda thin for me but overal pretty decent lead work. Maybe try to get some more feeling in the leads, some more cheesy blues bends etc IMO. Maybe a little more chruncy tone but thats my opinion. Overal good song!