Alright guys i'm doing a stat project in school and i have to do a survey for data collection. I need 50 responses so any help you guys could provide would be awesome.

So the questions are:
1. Do you regularly listen to music (daily or almost everyday)?
2. Of your recent music purchases have you purchased more cds/tangible music or download from itunes/other downloads?

You can answer 1. with yes or no and 2. With cds or online. Thanks for the help
you really think the pit is the place to get a formal survey?

1. Daily - all the time
2. The last album I bought was iTunes, but I generally buy more hardware
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1) Yes.
2) Other downloads.
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1: Yes (sometimes even twice a day)
2: CDs.
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1. Daily
2. Other downloads.
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1) Yes
2) CDs
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seriously, this is a horrible place to get an objective view on music

do it on facebook or something
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1. Daily/Yes
2. CD's, I've never bought online songs.
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