Hey everyone, i've posted this on this forum once before but wanted to do it one more time because, i've placed it on a few forums and all in all have had good feedback but would really like some critique on the vocals?


I have had generally great feedback, but i lack confidence in whether my voice is a "Recording voice" so to speak and a voice people would listen to, or just a good demo voice but nothing particularly special. So i'm just trying to gather what people honestly think of my vocals, good bad.. or otherwise. i understand i need alot more vocal training, but look at it in a way of what potential i have, rather than what i have currently got.

Thanks everyone, really appreciate it. Love the feedback i get on this forum!
To me, the lyrics were saccharine and unsettling. Just had to get that out. But lyrics aren't what your asking about, so. . . .moving on. Your voice sounds like a "Recording Voice" to me. Not insinuating that you're going for a certain sound, but I liken it to a kind of Sam Beam-ish quality. Which I mean as a compliment. I dig I&W. I digress. Your vocals are clean, stay in key, and the tone matches the song. What more could you want? I go through a pack of kools and an indeterminable amount of beer before I get a take that's even close to good, so. . . .I'd say you're sittin pretty.