I found a Bugera V22 and a cab with fender hot rod deluxe speaker in it for $285. I play pop-punk, blink 182 and sum 41 kind of stuff. I do intend to gig with it. But nothing big. Will this be good?
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uuh I dunno but...
Maybe you'll like the Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30R???
It's a great amp, no tube but Heard some great things about them!
Good luck and cheers
I use a V55 in my pop punk band and it works great. A lot of newer bands of the genre are using way more gain then they used to but for the stuff you're describing I think they have enough grit on tap.
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taken straight from the Bugera thread:

Bugera V22:

22 Watt, 3 12AX7 Preamp Tubes and 2 EL84 power tubes. 2 Channel with Pentode/ Triode switch. Smooth crunch but can get nice bite too. Probably my personal fave of the Bugera line. RICH power tube breakup

Good For: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Punk, or my personal brand of Post Hardcore ;P. Perfect in the studio or at home, yet load enough for big gigs (mic'd of course)
The v22 will give you what you want an the v55 is similar but as previously mentioned has a bit more gain ready. Both accept pedals really well and i dont think you could go wrong with either.
Bugeras customer service is also awesome.
I have no experience with the H&K.
I agree with the comment about power tube breakup. The preamp gain is fairly fizzy on the V series but if you can get the master up to 3/4 or full on and then use the channel volumes for overall output it adds a lot more low end and less fizz.
SLAP energy drinks ftw.
should be fine. and thats a good deal as long as the CAB is well built. hell, some aftermarket cabs themselves costs 300. anyway that is a good deal and it will suit you.

i recommend using some pedals if your going to do like sum 41 stuff. you might need a little extra drive or something to do their stuff.
I have a DS-1. I never use the amp distortions.
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